How Important is Navigation for an eCommerce Store?

Whenever you visit an eCommerce store, it’s usually because just want to browse through or you’re probably looking for something specific. Either way, you will have to navigate your way across the categories, various product pages, multiple pieces of information, blog posts, and more.

Unlike a simple business website or personal blog, navigation is a lot more valuable for online stores. It provides ease and convenience, thus enhancing the user experience. It also helps visitors find what they’re looking for, hence increasing the chances of them staying longer on your site.

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Top 7 Tips on Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Having the best product images count a lot. But they won’t work as much without effective, well-written product descriptions. These two go together, creating a powerful tandem that enables people to understand and picture what your product can do for them.

Thus, when coming up with your product pages, you need to take into consideration these two most important elements— the image and the text.

For now, let’s focus on product descriptions. Usually, for small businesses and startups, the writing is done internally, often by the business owner himself/herself. And even if you don’t do the writing yourself but you outsource it, you still need to learn it so that you can efficiently check if it’s good for your purposes and if it can reach out to your target market well.

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How to Use Instagram for Strengthening Your Ecommerce Brand

If you don’t know the meaning of IG until now, you’re way behind in online marketing. It’s high time to catch up— ASAP!

With tons of businesses popping up on Instagram every single day, it’s a huge question mark if your ecommerce business isn’t on this super popular marketing platform yet. Your social media marketing won’t be complete without it.

Now if you’ve got your head raised proudly, knowing that your online store’s on IG, here are some things to ponder— Are you attracting the right kind of audience? How many followers have you got? Are you able to turn these IG fans into website visitors and eventually convert them to customers?

Hhmmm. Scratching your head?

Well, don’t fret. Here are a couple of great practical tips that are bound to help you use IG to boost your business…

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Magic Words that Sell: What Copy to Use in Your eCommerce Site

Never underestimate the persuasive power of words when it comes to marketing and sales.

As a business owner, marketer, or operator of an eCommerce site, it’s essential for you to be familiar with the different words and phrases that can boost the effectiveness of your write-ups on your site. Whether these are blog posts, product descriptions, or simple ads, crafting the words right for your target market will surely make them more worthwhile.

Even if you have a copywriter, there are times when you might have to write some of the copy yourself or at least come up with titles for blog posts, promos, and more. It’s especially necessary if you’re the one who will really be writing everything or even just proofreading.

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New to eCommerce? How to Drive Traffic to Your New Store

Being the “new kid on the block” can be daunting, especially with so many competitors out there today. Not all eCommerce businesses thrive. Actually, most end up closing shop when they don’t know what exactly to do and are not guided properly.

But you’re in luck because now you can find out which strategies to make use of to drive traffic to your new e-store!

Here they are…

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8 Fast Tips to Save Money on Your Ecommerce Operations and Strategies

We’ve all seen it happen. Heck, you’ve probably been there and done that— tons of money lost because of wrong decisions, trying to scrimp on important business investments, and a whole lot of mistakes.

It’s okay, though, because we always say it’s part of the learning process and the growth of entrepreneurs and businesses. However, it’s much better if you can avoid costly mistakes and thus save money on your ecommerce operations and strategies.

This brings us to the fast practical tips below. Because you’re reading this article now, you can skip losing money and save more bucks instead!

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HTTPS: Once Again… It’s Important.

If you haven’t already upgraded your eCommerce store to https:, now is the time – but turning on SSL is not what’s important, making sure that the SSL is working properly is most important.

In order for a website to be secure, all content must be able to be displayed via SSL.  We’ve seen a number of our customers turn on SSL, but have not had their sites optimized for the SSL certificate to actually work.  If this is the case, you risk losing all of your SEO and orders coming July 2018 (regardless of your eCommerce platform).  Read on, and we’ll explain.

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5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Using Images on Ecommerce Sites

Impressing your ecommerce site visitors is one thing. But making them stay, enjoy the experience of online shopping on your site, and actually buy something is another thing altogether. And the latter is what matters a whole lot more.

Yes, many ecommerce sites are able to display high resolution, professional-looking images of their products. But even the big companies commit common mistakes that they do not realize are costing them thousands of dollars in sales.

Stand out amongst the competition. Be different by allowing your images to communicate your message well and to improve the user experience of potential consumers significantly.

Take note of these 5 costly mistakes when it comes to using product images:

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From Google Trusted Stores to Google Customer Reviews: How It Works and Helps Your Business

Everyone in the e-commerce world knows how important it is to build trust and forge relationships with customers. With the growing competition today, being able to increase your credibility in your particular industry will certainly give you an edge.

Google, the leading search engine for many years now, understands this. For six years, they ran the Google Trusted Stores program for merchants, which was beneficial for both sellers and buyers. It was a ratings and certification program that provided sellers a boost of authority and trustworthiness while assuring customers of the e-store’s reliability.

However, just recently, those who were part of the program were automatically migrated to the new one that replaced it— Google Customer Reviews. Of course new merchants are also welcome to join this through the Google Merchant Center. It’s still free, after all.

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eCommerce Trends in 2018 – What Should We Prepare For?

Times are changing. You’ve probably already seen so many developments in the world of eCommerce, and how much this arena has prospered the past few years.

This 2018, there are plenty of trends that are expected to take place and take charge of online retailing. If you want to have an edge over others, it’s important for you to be aware of these things so you’ll know how to position yourself. If you wish to boost your business this year, you have to strategize and act according to these trends so you will not be left behind.

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