AMP & AMP Wizard Frequently Asked Questions

AMP Wizard from Your Store Wizards is now available and we understand you may have questions about AMP and why it’s recommended for all websites.

We encourage you to read through our FAQs below to see if your question has been answered.  If you need more information about AMP Wizard, please contact us, or to learn more about the product, click here.

AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, are lightweight web pages that are specifically designed to load quickly for mobile users and don’t contain the “bloat” that regular desktop versions of websites contain making for an optimal mobile experience.
AMP versions of your website’s pages are created in the background, pushed to Google and stored in Google’s cache which further reduces load time. When a mobile user initiates a search and an AMP version of your website is available, the AMP version will be presented to the user. AMP pages are identified in the search results by the lightning bold icon as shown in the example below. More details on the technical aspects of AMP can be found here.
The main benefit of AMP is to provide mobile users with an overall better search experience by providing them with fast loading content that’s easy to navigate and display on their mobile devices. Additionally, one of Google’s ranking signals for organic results is site speed. Slower loading sites will be given less priority over faster ones, making AMP essential for site owners who want to capture mobile search users. With Google moving towards a mobile-first attitude towards web design, it’s important to consider AMP for your site.
No. AMP pages are automatically synched so you only need to update your main website. When a page update is detected, it will automatically be updated in AMP and sent to Google.
Your responsive / adaptive website will always be displayed to users who type in your URL directly and they will receive that version of your website. The AMP version of your website will only ever be found by users who make a search query and your website comes up as one of the search results. Even though your website is mobile friendly, to capture the most organic search users, it is recommended to have an AMP version as well, as the AMP site will receive priority over your responsive / adaptive one.
Our product is not designed to be a mobile version of your website and the AMP URL is not submitted to search engines for indexing. Your AMP site URL should not be given out as a mobile accessible site for your website. The purpose of an AMP site is for mobile search visibility, not as a mobile website solution.
The short answer is, yes! While your site may load fast, an AMP version of your website will load even faster. Google’s recommendation is for all site owners to create AMP versions of their websites for mobile users.
All the behind-the-scenes work to create AMP versions of your site’s pages takes place on our servers where we store each page, continually sync, and send pages to Google’s cache. Additionally, our development team continually updates our AMP product as new recommendations are made so you’re always confirming with the latest AMP Project specs for AMP designed pages.
AMP Wizard is $59 per month, per store with a $199 non-refundable setup fee.
Like all of our Software as a Service products, there are no contracts and you may cancel the service at any time. Installation and setup fees are non-refundable once work has begun.
AMP Wizard is available for Yahoo! Store / Yahoo! Merchant Solutions stores as of April 23, 2019. The product will be available for Big Commerce and Shopify in Q4 of 2019.
Yes! Please visit for a look. This is a live functioning client site which is using AMP Wizard. The main website is located at Another example is our own Yahoo! Store, which you can view here:

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